Daily Activities at Preschool

Our daily activities are focussed on the learning opportunities happen throughout the day at each of our Topcare Early Childhood Learning preschool centres. The programme of daily activities is developed by our teachers from what they believe will inspire each child. As the teachers work alongside the children, they talk with them, listen to their language and observe what they are doing. The type of daily activities is based on these discussions and observation.

7:30       Welcome tamariki and whanau – Quiet indoor play

8:00       Free choice of playing inside activities or outside activities – Baking

9:30       Morning Tea

10:00     Small group activities – Art/Literacy/Numeracy/Music and Movement /Science/Water Play/Sandpit Play/Outdoor Play/Dramatic Play

11:30     Tidy up

11:45     Mat Time-Story/News

12:00     Lunch Time

1-2:00    Kindergarten Session – Story Writing/Reading/Literacy/Numeracy/Games

2:00       Free choice of playing inside activities or outside activities

3.30       Afternoon Tea

4:00       Mat Time-Story/Dancing/Song/Games/Puppet Show/Dramatic Play

4:30       Quiet indoor play/Dressed

5:30       Home Time


Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centres provide a child-centred developmental programme. The programme of daily activities is based on carefully observing children, evaluating their needs and planning activities from these observations aimed at enhancing individual development. Children are encouraged to learn at their own unique and individual pace. Our programmes are regularly evaluated and recognise the guiding principles of Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

Top Care Early Childhood Learning Centres acknowledge the multicultural heritage of our community, and emphasise non-gender stereotyped behaviour. We recognise that good early childhood education facilitates the development of confidence, independence, and an interest in learning in our children. Indoor and outdoor experiences are an integral part of our programme.

Play is central to children’s development by providing opportunities for both structured and spontaneous activities in their daily activities. Play is children’s unique way to learn about their world. It is also a means of expressing knowledge from previous experience. We aim to provide opportunities for boys and girls to play freely regardless of any stereotype roles they may choose. Routines give children a sense of the passage of time as they move through the day. Routines encourage independence and an understanding of personal hygiene.

At Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centres you’ll find an atmosphere that is warm, accepting and welcoming to both children and their families.


Please ask us for our current fees schedule. Our centre does offer Free 20 hours for all 3 and 4 year old children.


Topcare is committed to staffing the Centre with skilled caring people. The teaching team is made up of fully qualified staff and staff who are in training. They also participate in professional development.

Our adult child ratio is regulated by the Ministry of Education.

Childcare Subsidy

Work and Income operates a subsidy for parents whose children attend the Centres. The subsidy is subject to an income qualification. Contact Work and Income for further information and forms. Full payment of fees is the caregiver’s responsibility and will be required until a subsidy has been approved.

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