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About our preschool learning centres

Happy Engaged Preschool Learning

Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centres provide high quality day and half day preschool education and care for children from two to five years of age in South Auckland.

Our Topcare preschool children are happy and engaged in their learning and enjoy good conversations with each other and with teachers. They are well supported by well-qualified, caring preschool teachers, who use skilful questioning to promote children’s emerging interests.

We pride ourselves in providing a positive and supportive preschool environment. Our centres have a calm, settled tone. Our teachers regularly affirm children in their work. The varied programme is child-centred and promotes imaginative play.

Relationships between our teachers, children and families are warm, respectful and inclusive. All our preschool parents are well informed and engage in our preschool centres’ self-review process. Preschool Staff model social responsibility by involving children in a number of community initiatives.

Developing a positive self-image for our children is the key to the quality of the education we provide at Top Care. We incorporate the Principles, Strands and Goals of Te Whāriki – The Early Childhood Curriculum, which reflects the holistic way that children learn and grow.

Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centres have established sound preschool processes for monitoring health and safety practices.

Our mission is for Topcare preschool children to acquire life long skills and grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they can make a valued contribution to society.

Our Preschool Staff

  • Vinaina Rokosarau Topcare teacher
  • Sharon Topcare teacher
  • Amandeep Topcare teacher
  • Jackie Hui Topcare founder

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Topcare Preschool Programme

Finding out is fun at Topcare
Pleased with what she’s learned
Topcare preschool is all about making learning fun
Topcare preschool is all about making learning fun

Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centres provide a rich, varied, child-centred developmental programme, which promotes imaginative play. Our teachers tailor the programme by carefully observing our preschool children and evaluating their individual needs.

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